Secrets of the golf swing

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Why should you listen to a German telling you how to swing a golf club? Isn’t that like being lectured from a Tibetan on how to drive a Formula 1 car? You might be surprised to hear there is no country in the world where golfers take as many lessons as here in Germany. There are a few of reasons for that:

  • First of all, Germans always want to do things right. That’s why the majority of them take lessons, and only from certified instructors.
  • Follow that up with the fact that the German Golf Association established a system requiring potential golfers to achieve a handicap of 54 before they are even allowed to set foot on a golf course.
  • And finally, in Germany golf is still a rich man’s sport, so every golfer can afford many golf lessons.

To sum it up, Germans are rich perfectionists who suck at golf. This makes my country an ideal breeding ground for learning how to teach. In other parts of the world golf pros are being prepared to manage a golf club, run a pro shop and repair golf clubs. There is no time for that in Germany, we teach all day every day.

Contrary to teaching high handicappers, I can tell you as a former national coach, working with really good players is a completely different cup of tea. If you need someone to straighten out your slice, cure your shank or simply help you get the ball in the air, you should find a person who does exactly that — day in and day out.

I find the job of helping struggling golfers especially rewarding because you can see results immediately. Working with a scratch golfer, you might have to wait years until you see improvements. Helping a slicer to hit his first draw, really shouldn’t take more than an hour. The last 15 years I’ve been teaching in a large vacation resort, living mainly off guests. That means any correction has to work immediately. And they usually do.

I wrote the 200 page golf swing technique section of the pga teaching manual. And in this video, I will disclose all the secrets to help you to learn how to become your own instructor. I guarantee you that you won’t find this information anywhere else. So don’t wait any longer. And I can promise you that I respected your time insofar that I get to the point quickly and improve your knowledge efficiently since there is nothing that I as a viewer hate more than needles redundancy. You can expect a dense video but it won’t be too difficult to understand either. So enjoy.

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